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Veloren Yeti.png
Type Boss
Location(s) T2 Dungeon
Hostile : Yes
Technical Information
Voxel Model
Entity Config

Yeti is the boss of Adlet dungeon (T2).


Yeti's spawn locations are in Tier 2 dungeons with 2 white orbs and the classic "greek temple" Icon on the map while also possessing a white dungeon glow on the mini-map.


Yeti Attacks
Frost Breath Releases a chilling spread of air that slows and damages the target greatly.
Ice Spikes Slams the ground with its club, sending out a rush of spikes from the floor in a 90 degree angle, causing bleed and pushing the target upwards.
Snowball Throws snowballs that can stick to the walls and floor. When touched it'll explode.
Strike Clubs the target with its massive Ice Shard.


Roll the Yeti's snowball through and jump the ice earthquake move. try to stay behind him so you can't be reached but be careful of his close range attack.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Woolly Wintercap.png Woolly Wintercap 1 25%
Veloren Blue Cheese.png Blue Cheese 1-15 75%
Veloren Pendant of Protection.png Pendant of Protection 1 20%
Veloren Silken Cape.png Silken Cape 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Sash.png Silken Sash 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Robe.png Silken Robe 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Feet.png Silken Feet 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Wraps.png Silken Wraps 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Skirt.png Silken Skirt 1 1.9%
Veloren Silken Shoulders.png Silken Shoulders 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Cape.png Scale Cape 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Girdle.png Scale Girdle 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Chestpiece.png Scale Chestpiece 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Sabatons.png Scale Sabatons 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Fists.png Scale Fists 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Leggings.png Scale Leggings 1 1.9%
Veloren Scale Shoulderguards.png Scale Shoulderguards 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Cape.png Steel Cape 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Belt.png Steel Belt 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Cuirass.png Steel Cuirass 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Boots.png Steel Boots 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Gauntlets.png Steel Gauntlets 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Chausses.png Steel Chausses 1 1.9%
Veloren Steel Shoulders.png Steel Shoulders 1 1.9%


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