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Veloren Washboard.png
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Technical Information
.ogg Files washboard
.vox File washboard.vox
.ron File washboard.ron
Recipe [1]

"Washboard." Who knew that something to wash your cloths with could be so perfect for music? The Washboard is one of the musical instruments.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Washboard.png Washboard 2x Veloren Hardwood Logs.png Hardwood Logs
1x Veloren Resin.png Resin
2x Veloren Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot
2x Veloren Tin Ingot.png Tin Ingot
2x Veloren Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot

Veloren Crafting Bench.png Crafting Bench

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