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Type Boss
Location(s) minotaur's dungeon
Hostile Yes
HP 3,000
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.myrmidon.minotaur

Red eyes, sharp horns, and a fierce rage. Perpetually bullish.


Found in the boss room of his dungeon (T5), which has an icon of the Minotaur's face.


Item Quantity Rarity
200 - 500
2 - 6
1 10%
1 5%
Data exported on 2024-05-24



Name Description
Charge Minotaur charges towards its target dealing large amounts of damage, poise, and can cause a high Bleed debuff. Minotaur is left vulnerable afterwards.
Cleave Raises its axe and brings it down onto the ground, dealing massive amounts of damage and poise.
Crippling Swipes the target causing a Crippling debuff which slows and causes Bleed onto the target.
Frenzy After reaching 50% hp (1500hp) it goes into a frenzy which increases movement speed and causes it to slowly regenerate health.


Its hit box is very large and deceiving, dodge earlier than you think when he uses his charge attack. Attack while it's stuck in the charge animation. When you are close, Minotaur will use a quick chop move. Followed by a long startup slam move that you don't want to get hit by, as it gives a significant crippling debuff that makes it very difficult to avoid further attacks. If you do get crippled, blocking/parry will be your better option.

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