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Veloren Lyre.png
"Wooden Lyre."
Quality Common
Craftable 1
Technical Information
.ogg Files lyre
.vox File wooden_lyre.vox
.ron File lyre.ron
Recipe [1]

"Wooden Lyre." The lyre is one of the musical instruments. One instrument to another:

What are you?

- I'm a harp!

You look too small for a harp.

- Are you calling me a lyre?


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Lyre.png Lyre 3x Veloren Hardwood Logs.png Hardwood Logs
2x Veloren Resin.png Resin
5x Veloren Plant Fiber.png Plant Fiber
1x Veloren Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot

Veloren Crafting Bench.png Crafting Bench

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