Frost Gigas

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Veloren Frost Gigas.png
Frost Gigas
Type: Boss
Location(s): World
Hostile: Yes
HP: 20,000
Technical Information
Voxel Model Vox Model

Frost Gigas is the first boss that roams the world and is not bound to a dungeon. They are in the game files but do not spawn yet!




Get help. Like a lot of help.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Glacial Crystal.png Glacial Crystal 5-15 50%
Veloren Boreal's Chestplate.png Boreal's Chestplate 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal's Cloak.png Boreal's Cloak 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal Belt.png Boreal Belt 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal's Wrappings.png Boreal's Wrappings 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal's Guantlets.png Boreal's Guantlets 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal's Tunic.png Boreal's Tunic 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal's Spaulders.png Boreal's Spaulders 1 6.25%
Veloren Boreal Warhelmet.png Boreal Warhelmet 1 6.25%


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