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Veloren Cyclops.png
Type: Miniboss
Location(s): t5 dungeon
Hostile: Yes
Damage: Dash: 28.0 - 36.0
Doublestrike: 32.0 - 36.0
Hammer Shockwave: 45.0
Optic Blast: 48.0
Technical Information
Voxel Model Vox Model

The Cyclops replaced the Dullahan as the T5 miniboss and can be found in T5 Dungeons.


Name Description Damage
Dash Dashes towards the player while trying to hit them with the sword. 28.0 - 36.0
Doublestrike Strikes the player two times, causing the Crippled debuff. 32.0 - 36.0
Hammer Shockwave Slams the hammer onto the ground, causing a radial shockwave which knocks back players. 45.0
Optic Blast Fires a laser projectile out of its eye, if the player is too far away for melee attacks. 48.0
Reinforce Casting Protecting Ward to reduce incoming damage.


Item Quantity Rarity
Veloren Coins.png Coins 200-500 21.01%
Veloren Mushroom Curry.png Mushroom Curry 1 0.84%
Veloren Apple Stick.png Apple Stick 1 2.1%
Veloren Dwarven Cheese.png Dwarven Cheese 1 2.1%
Veloren Mushroom Stick.png Mushroom Stick 1 2.31%
Veloren Plain Salad.png Plain Salad 1 2.52%
Veloren Sunflower Ice Tea.png Sunflower Ice Tea 1 1.05%
Veloren Tomato Salad.png Tomato Salad 1 2.1%
Veloren Cactus Colada.png Cactus Colada 1 2.94%
Veloren Firework Blue.png Firework Blue 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Firework Green.png Firework Green 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Firework Purple.png Firework Purple 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Firework Red.png Firework Red 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Firework White.png Firework White 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Firework Yellow.png Firework Yellow 8-10 2.1%
Veloren Large Potion.png Large Potion 2-5 21.01%
Veloren Collar.png Collar 2-3 10.5%
Veloren Bomb.png Bomb 8-10 10.5%
Veloren Cool Blue Lantern.png Cool Blue Lantern 1 2.1%
Veloren Mitre.png Mitre 1 6.3%
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