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Type Wildlife
Location(s) caves, desert
Hostile Yes
Damage 70 - 76
Technical Info
Config common.entity.wild.aggressive.antlion

Antlions are one of the most dangerous mobs a player can face starting out. They are primary found either in caves at any level or roaming the desert aimlessly until in range of a player. Antlions are most known for their bright, fluorescent orange eyes. Keep a look out for them when moving around in the caves !


Item Quantity Rarity
5 - 8
1 - 2
Data exported on 2024-04-12



Keep watch of what its doing, it only has two attacks it can do:

1. If at range, the Antlion with stop moving for a brief amount of time before rushing the player, dealing damage upon impact

- This attack is the harder of the two to dodge due to its speed and the tracking of this attack

- Avoid the situation where the antlion gets to use this move and instead rush the antlion, glide on it, roll to it, etc.

- Unlike spiders, antlions can't jump, so if you can get any kind of height advantage on one (such as perching in a tree or a hollowed-out stalactite), it won't be able to reach you.

2. If in melee range of the Antlion, it will expand it's pincers before clamping down in front of it, the Antlion moves on a swivel during its charge up of this bite and clamp down.

- This is the easier move to dodge, focus on visual ques, when the pincers have stopped widening, that is your time to dodge left or right and to sneak a hit in, rinse and repeat for a easy kill!


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