Amethyst Ring

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Veloren Amethyst Ring.png
Amethyst Ring
"A tin ring with an amethyst gem."
Type Ring
Quality Moderate
Craftable Yes
Armor 0.5
Stun Resistance 0.0
Max Energy 5.0%
Energy Reward 5%
Crit Power -0.020
Stealth 0.0
Technical Information
.vox File amethyst.vox
.ron File amethyst.ron
Recipe L1868
Sprite Manifest

"A tin ring with an amethyst gem."


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Amethyst Necklace.png Amethyst Necklace 1x Veloren Tin Ingot.png Tin Ingot, 1x Veloren Amethyst.png Amethyst

Veloren Crafting Bench.png Crafting Bench

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