Wooden Golem

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Wooden Golem
Type Mini-boss
Location(s) gnarling fortress
Hostile Yes
Technical Info
Config common.entity.dungeon.gnarling.woodgolem

A Biocore animates this wooden construction, which is intent on protecting its Gnarling creators. Watch out for the swing of its large mallet hands.


Found in pairs at the Gnarling Fortress, both at the entrance and within the Chieftain's Hut.


Item Quantity Rarity
5 - 10 80%
1 5.56%
1 5.56%
1 5.56%
1 - 2 3.33%
Data exported on 2024-04-12



Name Description
Swing Winds up and swings its mallet hand into the target.


Their simplistic tactic of chase and hit makes them easy to engage over range.

In a melee fight, the reasonably slow wind up gives time to dodge/block and then counter attack.

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