Bloodstone Ore

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Bloodstone Ore
"A deep red ore, it reminds you of blood."
Type Ores
Quality Epic
Craftable No
Technical Information
.vox File [bloodstone.vox]
.ron File [bloodstone.ron]
Sprite Manifest

"A deep red ore, it reminds you of blood."

Bloodstone Ore is a deep red colored mineral. It rewards 20 experience when mined.


Bloodstone Ore can be mined deep in Lava Caves with a pickaxe.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
2x Bloodsteel Ingot 1x Bloodstone Ore
1x Iron Ingot
1x Coal




Entity Amount Chance
Not obtainable as loot.
Data exported on 2024-02-24


  • It has been a common confusion that the higher unit price of Bloodstone Ore makes it more valuable before crafting into Bloodsteel Ingots. However, this is offset by the fact that 1 ore is crafted into 2 ingots. All ingredients become more valuable to NPCs after crafting.
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