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Hides can be refined into Leathers in Tanning Rack.

Name Crafted into Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Veloren Animal Hide.png Animal Hide Simple Leather Akhlut, Alpaca, Antelope, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Bat Fox, Beaver, Boar, Camel, Cat, Cattle, Deer, Desert Hare, Donkey, Frostfang, Highland, Hirdrasil, Holladon, Horse, Hyena, Ice Drake, Jackalope, Kelpie, Llama, Mouflon, Penguin, Pig, Porcupine, Quokka, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rat, Red Fox, Roshwalr, Skunk, Yak, Zebra A pelt from an animal. Becomes leather. Low
Veloren Tough Hide.png Tough Hide Thick Leather Bear, Catoblepas, Elbst, Grolgar, Lion, Lioness, Moose, Moose, Sabertooth Tiger, Salamander, Snow Leopard, Tiger, Tusk Ram, Well-fed Bear, Wolf, A pelt from something fierce. Becomes leather. Common
Veloren Soft Fur.png Soft Fur Woolen Armor Arctic Hare, Beaver, Desert Hare, Highland, Jackalope, Quokka, Rat, Skunk, Squirrel Soft fur from an animal. Common
Veloren Soft Wool.png Soft Wool Woolen Armor, Gliders T2 Dungeons, Alpaca, Goat, Llama, Mouflon, Sheep Soft wool from an animal. Common
Veloren Scale.png Scale Scale Armor T3 Dungeons, Alligator, Asp, Cockatrice, Crocodile, Dagon, Hakulaq, Cockatrice, Monitor, Pangolin, Salamander, Sand Raptor, Sea Crocodile, Snow Raptor, Sun Lizard, Tortoise, Wood Raptor Shiny scale from an animal. Moderate
Veloren Hard Carapace.png Hard Carapace Carapace Armor, Bloodsteel Armor T4 Dungeons, Antlion, Bonerattler, Horn Beetle, Lava Drake, Rock Snapper, Sand Shark, Stag Beetle, Tarasque Tough, hard carapace. High
Veloren Troll Hide.png Troll Hide Moonweave Armor, Bags, Cave Troll, Mountain Troll, Swamp Troll Looted from cave trolls. High
Veloren Plate.png Plate Primal Armor, Orichalcum Armor T5 Dungeons, Archaeos, Basilisk, Ntouka, Found near trees. Epic
Veloren Rugged Hide.png Rugged Hide Rigid Leather Catoblepas, Dreadhorn, Mammoth, Ngoubou, Odonto, Roshwalr, Yale A durable pelt, favored by leatherworkers. Epic
Veloren Dragonscale.png Dragon Scale Dragonscale Armor Mindflayer, Minotaur Tough scale from a legendary beast. Legendary
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