Animal Materials

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Animal Materials can be used in modular crafting to craft primary weapon components. Here is all the predetermined and existing weapons in Veloren : Weapons

Name Crafted into Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Elegant Crest Weapon Components Cockatrice, Roc, Sand Raptor, Snow Raptor, Wood Raptor A flawless crest from some majestic creature. Common
Large Horn Weapon Components Archaeos, Dreadhorn, Ngoubou,Ntouka, Yale A huge sharp horn from an animal. Common
Long Tusk Weapon Components Mammoth, Ngoubou, Odonto, Roshwalr, Truffler, Tusk Ram A pointy tusk from some beast. Common
Predator Claw Weapon Components Bear, Hakulaq, Lion, Lioness, Snow Leopard, Tiger, Incredibly sharp claw from a predatory animal. Common
Sharp Fang Weapon Components Asp, Bear, Bonerattler, Grolgar, Hakulaq, Sabertooth Tiger, Tarasque, Tusk Ram, Wolf Incredibly sharp tooth from a predatory animal. Common
Strong Pincer Weapon Components Antlion, Black Widows, Horn Beetle, Leaf Beetle, Stag Beetle, Tarantula, Cave Spider The pincer of some creature, it is very tough. Common
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