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Items Quality

All Items have a quality wich determines the rarity and usefulness of an item in Veloren. Currently, there are seven levels of quality in the game.

Level Description
Low Thick grey corners. Early-game ingredients, tools and weapons.
Common Thin grey corners. Useful ingredients, food, tools, early-game weapons.
Moderate Green corners and background. Less common ingredients, high-tier food, mid-tier weapons, some better armor, rings and necklesses.
High Blue corners and background. Rare ingredients, gems, good weapons and armor, fancy-looking gliders.
Epic Purple corners and background. High-tier ingredients, weapons and armor.
Legendary Golder corners and background. Late-game weapons and armor.
Artifact Shown with an orange border around the item. Not obtainable by normal means.


Name Description
Armor Equipment worn to protect and enhance your person
Bags Equipment worn to enhance storage space
Food Items consumed to heal
Gliders Equipment carried to glide on the winds
Lanterns Equipment carried to illuminate your surroundings
Potions Items imbibed to heal and buff
Tools Items and equipment required to craft and adventure
Utility Items used for niche applications
Weapons Equipment wielded to fend off foes

You might want to check the Crafting section for items and materials.

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