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Crafting station

Crafting station are found in cities. In cliff town and desert town, they are located inside house. In order to craft items that require the use a certain crafting station, find a crafting station of the matching type and interact with it to bring up the crafting menu.

In Veloren, currently in the 0.13 version, we have 9 crafting stations :

Name Description
Anvil used to process metallic items, utilizing Ingots, and some Stone items to craft Armor, Weapon.
Cauldron Used for Potions and few Food
Cooking Pot Used to cook your favorite Food
Crafting Bench used to utilizing skins from Creatures, craft Gliders and Jewellerys.
Forge used to smelt Ores into Ingots.
Loom used to craft most Textile items, sometimes utilizing the help of the Sewing Set.
Tanning Rack Used for processing Hide to Leather
Salvaging Bench used to dismantle few items to collect their material
Spinning Wheel used to craft most textile items.

Crafting Tool

For some Crafting recipes to work, special Tools are required to be in the players Inventory.

The Pickaxes however are used for Mining ores and gems and need to be equipped like Weapons.

Name Power Speed Poise Strength Crit Chance Equip Time (s) Quality
Stone Pickaxe 7.5 -50 % -75 % 0 % 0.4 Low
Pickaxe 1 1 1 0.11 0.4 Common
Steel Pickaxe 7.5 +30% -75% 0% 0.4 Moderate


Clicking on link will give you the location of Materials and how to process them.

Name Description
Raw Material : Collected in wilderness, cave, dungeons or by killing creatures
Animal part Used as the secondary weapon component, food, crafting leathers...
Flowers Used for Food or diying ingredient
Plants Used for Textile, Food
Logs Used in Bows, Staffs, Specters as the primary component
Ores Found in caves. To mine ores, you need to Equip a Pickaxe as a weapon and collect Ores with E touch
Processed Materials : Raw materials transformed in crafting stations
Hides Used for Bags, Armors
Ingots Used to craft Armors and Weapons
Textiles Used to craft Cloth, Armors
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