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Low level ores can be purchased from merchants or mined on surface with a Stone Pickaxe. Starting from Iron ore, ores can only be found in Caves. They are refined into Ingots in the Forge.

Velorite Fragment is mostly used as a Weapons component for staves and spectres.

Name Crafted into Obtained Via Item Description Quality
Veloren Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Bronze Ingot Caves, Mountains A brown metal. Key part of bronze. Low
Veloren Tin Ore.png Tin Ore Bronze Ingot Caves, Mountains A silvery metal. One of the components of bronze. Low
Veloren Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot Caves An incredibly common but incredibly versatile metal. Common
Veloren Coal.png Coal Steel Ingot, Bloodstone Ingot Caves A dark, combustible energy source. Common
Veloren Oil.png Oil Unknown Unknown A measure of thick, sludgy oil. Common
Veloren Velorite Fragment.png Velorite Fragment Pyrocore and Biocore, Medium Potion, Druid Armor, Bags Caves, Crafting, Cave Troll, Swamp Troll, Wendigo Small runes sparkle on its surface. Moderate
Veloren Cobalt Ore.png Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ingot Caves A blue, shiny ore. High
Veloren Velorite.png Velorite Velorite Fragment Caves, Kill drop A bizarre, oddly shimmering ore, its origin seems to be shrouded in mystery. High
Veloren Silver Ore.png Silver Ore Silver Ingot Caves A precious shiny greyish-white metal. Epic
Veloren Bloodstone Ore.png Bloodstone Ore Bloodstone Ingot Caves: Lava Biomes A deep red ore. Epic
Veloren Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Gold Ingot, Brinestone Armor Caves: Lava Biomes A precious yellow metal. Epic
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