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> The current weapon types include Axes, Bows, Daggers, Hammers, Sceptres, Staffs and Swords. Daggers currently are not playerfacing. Rather, what you're see and can be selected at the character creation screen are 1h swords, which are different weapontypes than daggers. Daggers, alongside shields and a couple other planned weapontypes, will be available after the skilltree overhaul.

> The secondary weapon component determine its range, speed and poise : The secondary weapon component determine the spread of all stats* V Based on:

> Daggers > Daggers no longer obtainable in game however the game files still exist. As mentioned beforehand, they follow the same notion as shields which has the correct description below, e.g. "Shields aren't in game currently".

Overall Note

Rather than separating 1h and 2h weapons into different item tables, it'd be better to simply add a mention of whether it is 1h/2h in the weapon item table itself. That would declutter the page as a whole. Make sure to keep it alphabetical for organizationals purposes. I'd suggest either doing it as a whole or based on the weapontype grouping. So the former system would be; Axe table, then Bow table, etc.. and the latter would be; Melee: Axe, Dagger, Hammer, Shield, Sword Ranged: Bow, Scepter, Staff

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