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Merchant: Revision history

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29 November 2023

9 November 2023

12 August 2023

9 October 2022

8 September 2022

27 May 2022

9 May 2022

29 December 2021

  • curprev 19:0719:07, 29 December 2021Cheeky0 talk contribs 344 bytes −7,154 Replaced content with "The Merchant trades Items. Use Shift + Left Click to select one Item, use drag and drop to select a whole stack of items. To automatically equalize the trade value with one Item type, hold STRG and Left Click on the desired Stack. This works in both inventories (Player and Merchant). ==Loot== {{#invoke:loot tables|getLootTable|{{PAGENAME}}}}" Tag: Replaced

9 November 2021

23 October 2021

24 August 2021

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