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Entity graphics settings

Use these graphics settings when taking NPC, scenery, detailed item, equipped item images. N/A indicated an irrelevant setting.

Setting Value Setting Value
View Distance 16 Sprite View Distance 250
Entity View Distance 250 Maximum FPS N/A
Background FPS N/A Present Mode ???
Field of View 80 LoD Detail 250
Gamma 1 Exposure 1
Ambiance Brightness 0% Anti-Aliasing Mode FXAA
Bloom 10% Internal Resolution 1.00
Cloud Rendering Mode Ultra Fluid Rendering Mode Shiny
Lighting Rendering Mode Type A - High Shadow Rendering Mode Map (Resolution: 1)


This section covers preffered standards which are set or applied after the screenshot is taken, outside of Veloren. This is usually in an image editor.

Picture subject Format
NPCs 1:1 (square)
Armor Set Undefined
Biomes panoramic pic 2:1

File type

The preferred image format is .png (in lowercase letters) because it has no compression artefacts and supports transparency. Images can be saved .png by changing "Save as type"(or similar) option at the bottom of the save window in most image editors.


Be sure to crop the image to show what is needed to the serve the image's purpose. Crop away any irrelevant pixels that would distract from the image's original purpose. For example, a player wishing to create an image showing a Sheep should only have the sheep in the image, no other NPCs or items.

Image use

This seciton covers how images should be uploaded and used on the Wiki.

Image name

When uploading an image to the Wiki, the name should be as descriptive as possible. It is helpful to identify how the subject is depicted, whether it is an infobox image, an inventory icon, an equipped image, and so on. Names such as "Screenshot-01" or "Untitled 1" are not acceptable. Likewise, including player names in the image title is not allowed. As for the extension, .png is preferred over .PNG.

  • Images should be prefixed with Veloren_ and named exactly as shown in game. E.g. Veloren_Dwarven_Cheese.png or Veloren_Dwarven_Cheese_Icon.png
  • Image names use Title Case. This means every word should be capitalised.
  • Image names use Underscores between words.

If you require any assistance with naming or have any questions. Message @Scott in the Veloren Discord.

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