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We are glad that you want to collaborate with the Veloren Wiki, it is very important that you collaborate and participate in the collaborative process of cataloging and recording everything about the game.

To start collaborating, first register to be able to edit the Wiki. If you have already registered, you can login here.

We strongly recommend you join the #wiki channel on Discord , to participate in discussions and conversations about the Wiki. You can also send opinions, suggestions and interact with other contributors there!

How to Help?

Veloren Wiki:Tasks It contains a list of Wiki tasks, which you can collaborate on whichever one interests you most.

Veloren Wiki:Templates for more information about templates.

Click here for you to go to a random page on the wiki, so you can collaborate on existing pages, based on problems you notice! [1] To check the wiki statistics, and see the number of pages, users and edits.

What not to do when contributing?

All collaboration is welcome, but we ask you to be careful when collaborating in Wiki. For this, we ask that you only post your own content (including images, text or any content), it is essential to respect everyone's copyrights!

Also, it is important that you only put links and external contents that have relevance to what is on the wiki, it is important to be didactic and informative to avoid confusion to those who will read.

Contact & Help

You can get help on our channel (#wiki) on the Official Veloren Community Discord Server. You can also contact the members of the team responsible for the Wiki.

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