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I want to move pages for create a tree map.

For example for Ores page move all the ores to Ores/Tin_Ore

And I want to know if we can change the links to don't have UpperCase letters.

For example: or

Thanks in advice :D CrazyJMB

Hi CrazyJMB :)

In fact the UpperCase Letters is inherited from the image's name scheme : Images should be prefixed with Veloren_ and named exactly as shown in game. E.g. Veloren_Dwarven_Cheese.png or Veloren_Dwarven_Cheese_Icon.png

And you are right the style guide also do mention : Names, locations and titles should all be capitalised appropriately. Capitilisation rarely appiles to every word in the article title.

So to keep thing simple, i followed the image's name scheme style. When we add an image : Veloren_Tin_Ore.png it is also the page title : /Tin_Ore. That way the infobox automate image creation with Veloren_{{PAGENAME}}.png In fact, wiki's editors can't add image themselve and it's better that way as i saw various image name...The infobox follow the page title. Your idea it would change the whole wiki however we can still do it while the wiki is young.

And here is the root of category's tree :) And for the change : Ores/Tin_Ore i don't know what change it would bring, nor how it would impact wiki search but i like it. It's like my computer's folders. And i got good new for ya : When you click on Tin Ore in Armor Set, it won't direct user to Tin Ore's page but Ingredients_Lists#Ores. (But it won't work in individual page.) --Ajima (talk) 01:25, 18 September 2022 (UTC)

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