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"description": "Create cardbox for category. 1) put this CSS at top page : <templatestyles src=\"https://wiki.veloren.net/wiki/User:Ajima/MyStyle.css\" /> 2)Put them inside <div class=\"flex-container\">. Image should be be resized at 5:3 and put in Category:UI FP. It also allows you to create disabled categories in case of early development with a small description. "

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Is this still in development ?comingsoon

no description

Auto value
If coming soon checked, describe the upcoming feature :text-comingsoon

As the game is in early development, there is no need to create every pages. Instead, It allows you to add a small description.

Page name (in title case) :title

The image will be autogenerated via its name : Veloren_PAGENAME_category.png

title/link text :text-title

The text you want to see for the link

Auto value
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