Modular Crafting

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A ingame screenshot of the crafting method showing the "Modular Weapon" entry.
This is the crafting menu, showing the "Modular Weapon" entry selected

Modular Crafting is a method of obtaining weapons by creating them out of several components.

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Creating a Modular Weapon

Primary weapon components

The primary weapon component determines what type of weapon you are creating. Currently, you can create axe heads, hammer heads, sword blades, bow limbs, sceptre shafts, and staff shafts. Metal components like blades and heads are created using specific metal ingots with an Anvil. Specific wood logs are used at a Crafting Bench to create wooden components like shafts and bow limbs.

To start creating

a primary weapon component, select the desired primary component in the crafting menu, then drag the desired material from your inventory into the Metal/Wood slot.

While creating a primary weapon component, you can optionally include a animal material. Depending on the animal material used, specific stats will be increased on the primary weapon component while decreasing others on it.

Please note that once a primary weapon component is created, you cannot use a animal material on it afterwards to change its stats.

Table of animal materials
Material name Effect
Sharp Fang Increases Buff Strength
Elegant Crest Increases Energy Efficiency
Long Tusk Increases Range and Critical Chance
Large Horn Increases Poise
Strong Pincer Increases Power
Predator Claw Increases Attack Speed

After inserting the materials, a preview of the resulting component is shown. Click the Craft button to create the component.

Secondary weapon components

After you've created a primary weapon component, you need to attach it to something. Secondary weapon components are axe hafts, hammer hafts, sword hilts, bow grips, biocores and pyrocores. These use more traditional crafting recipes, requiring specific materials.

Unlike primary weapon components, you cannot use animal materials to affect the stats of the component. Instead, you can select the kind of component you want to create. Each kind uses the same materials but they affect stats just like the animal materials.

Sceptre Secondary Components

Sceptres are made from a primary wooden component (wood, hard wood, ironwood...) and a healing component (Biocore, Heavy Biocore)

Secondary weapon component kinds
Kind Effect
Long/Heavy Favors Power, Poise and Buff Strength
Medium/Standard Does not favor a specific stat
Short/Light Favors Speed and Critical Chance

Putting the components together

Once you've got your primary and secondary components crafted, it's time to put them together at a Crafting Bench. Drag the primary and secondary components from your inventory into the primary and secondary slots, and a preview of the resulting weapon will be shown. Click the Craft button to create your weapon!

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