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Help:Images and media policy

Help page
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The images and media policy describes preferred image source, content, and usage in articles and other pages. It applies to all images equally, regardless of uploader, format, and subject.


All images must be suitable for use on the mainspace page; if they are for your userpage, please upload to a site such as imgur instead.

Entity Graphics Settings

Use these graphics settings when taking NPC, scenery, detailed item, equipped item images. N/A indicated an irrelevant setting.

Setting Value Setting Value
View Distance 16 Sprite View Distance 250
Entity View Distance 250 Maximum FPS N/A
Background FPS N/A Present Mode ???
Field of View 80 LoD Detail 250
Gamma 1 Exposure 1
Ambiance Brightness 0% Anti-Aliasing Mode FXAA
Bloom 10% Internal Resolution 1.00
Cloud Rendering Mode Ultra Fluid Rendering Mode Shiny
Lighting Rendering Mode Type A - High Shadow Rendering Mode Map (Resolution: 1)


Nearly all images uploaded to the Wiki should be taken by the uploader themselves in the Veloren client or in a voxel editor.

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