Character Creation

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The Character Creation Screen

Welcome to the character creation screen! Currently only aesthetic choices are shown; eventually this interface will be expanded to contain lore on each species, guidance on chosen weapons, and starting stats of each species.

There are currently six playable species in Veloren; Human, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Undead, and Danari. The Danari are the only species you won’t be familiar with; they’re a special species created for the game.

Each species has slightly different starting stats. At this point in the game these have negligible effect on playstyle and can be ignored - they’re not even displayed in the Character Creation screen. The size differences between the species have no bearing on how they play in-game and is just an aesthetic difference.

As well as choosing your species, here you choose your starting weapon. Daggers are still being implemented, and so their icon is greyed out and un-selectable. There are no species restrictions on weapons, and choosing your starter weapon does not lock you into that choice; as you play you’ll find weapons of the other types and can switch to those with no penalty.

You can set your hair style and colour, skin colour, eye details, eye colour, and - only available to some species - accessories.

When you’ve finished creating your character, enter a name, and then click Create. Choose your character from the list, click Enter World, and you’ll enter the game world.

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