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(Created page with "==第一步== alt=|thumb|200x200px|Main interface and hotkeys 你将进入世界里面固定的一个城镇。这是默认的世界并且对于你创建的每个角色来说都一样。这是一个预先生成的世界;你也可以使用一个新的种子生成你自己的世界,但是这个过程需要花费很长的时间。")
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==First Steps==
[[File:veloren_main_interface_highlights_ingame.png|alt=|thumb|200x200px|Main interface and hotkeys]]
You’ll enter the world in a certain town. This is the default world and will be the same for every character you make. This is a pre-generated world; it is possible to generate your own world with a new seed, but this process takes a long time.


Main interface and hotkeys


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