Sunsilk Tunic

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Veloren Sunsilk Tunic.png
Sunsilk Tunic
"It radiates with the sun's power, and the grace to harness it."
Type Chest
Quality Legendary
Craftable Yes
Armor 27.0
Stun Resistance 0.0
Max Energy 30
Energy Reward 3
Crit Power 0
Stealth 0
Technical Information
.vox File chest.vox
.ron File chest.ron
Sprite Manifest

The Sunsilk Tunic is one of the endgame craftable armor pieces available in Veloren. It is a direct upgrade to the Moonweave Vest.


The Sunsilk Armor set is the Legendary set that requires the fewest ingredients to craft, 3 different ingredients in total, but it does not make the set easily craftable.
The first and the easiest to get is the Sunsilk.
The second ingredient is the Gold Ingot.
The third and last ingredient is the Phoenix Feather.
The Phoenix Feather will be the most difficult item to get because of the rarity of the Phoenix and the difficulty to hunt it.

In total the armor set requires 37 Sunsilk, 14 Gold Ingot and 3 Phoenix Feather.


Source Quantity Rarity
Minotaur 1 1.83%


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Sunsilk Tunic.png Sunsilk Tunic 10x Veloren Sunsilk.png Sunsilk, 2x Veloren Phoenix Feather.png Phoenix Feather, 2x Veloren Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot

Veloren Loom.png Loom
Veloren Sewing Set.png Sewing Set

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