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This feature is currently still in the design phase, and has not yet been implemented in Veloren. All information on this page may not be final and subject to change.

Skills are special abilities that are learned by paying a trainer. Each specialization can learn up to 3 skills. The skills that each specialization can learn is defined by the class chosen and which prerequisite skills have already been learned. Note: A 4th skill choice is planned for the future.

Utility Scrolls are items that provide additional skills that are not tied to any specific class or specialization. They are the same as skills, except they are equipped in the tool slot and do not require any prerequisite skills.

Base Skills

When a class is chosen, you are given the choice of 3 skills before you choose a specialization. These are called "Base Skills". These provide an active skill as well as a passive stat boost after training.

Specialization Skills

Each Base Skill unlocks a subtree based on the stat boost. Each subtree has two specializations to choose from. Each specialization provides a passive skill when chosen and opens up more active skills to be purchased.


There are several types of skills. These types are not particularly defining, but mainly serve as flavor text to provide a quick understanding of what the skill may be used for.

  • Attack skills are abilities that deal damage to one or more targets.
  • Defense skills are abilities that boost the Defense stat of a character or characters.
  • Move skills are abilities that provide a mobility option to the caster.
  • Buff skills are abilities that positively modify stats for a set amount of time when triggered.
  • Aura skills are similar to buff skills, except they can be toggled on and off. These kinds of skills often have a persistent mana cost when toggled, called "mana drain".
  • Debuff skills are abilities that negatively affect stats for a set amount of time when triggered.
  • Heal skills are abilities that restore health points to one or more targets.
  • Summon skills are abilities that conjure a creature that aids the caster in some way.

Some skills do not fit into any of these categories, such as Influence. These are often unlabeled, or simply labeled "Other".