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This feature is currently still in the design phase, and has not yet been implemented in Veloren. All information on this page may not be final and subject to change.

Power is what determines your damage output. Power is used in all damage calculations, and is contested by your opponents defense.


Total Power can be calculated with the following formula:

 Power = (([stat] + [stat bonuses]) / 2) + [weapon damage] + [damage bonuses]

The "stat" is your training level in the weapon's primary stat, and "stat bonuses" are any buffs you have that apply to that stat.

The "weapon damage" is the base damage of your equipped weapon, and the "damage bonuses" are any buffs that apply to damage.


A Melee character with 9 Strength, with armor that provides +2 Strength, and a weapon that does 5 damage, would calculate their Power as follows:

 [(9 + 2) / 2] + 5 = 10.5 Power


Main article: Skill

Damage for combat skills is calculated from DPS rather than raw Power. This normalizes skill damage across all weapons, which prevents both weapons with a higher attack rate (and therefore lower raw damage) from dealing very little damage with skills and weapons with a low attack rate (and therefore higher raw damage) from dealing far too much damage.

 [skill damage] = Power * [attack speed]

The "attack speed" is your equipped weapon's base attack speed multiplied by any attack speed bonuses you have.