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Merchant: Difference between revisions

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* [[Herbalist]]
* [[Herbalist]]
* [[Hunter]]
* [[Hunter]]
* [[Skinner]]

Latest revision as of 13:26, 29 November 2023

Type Inhabitant
Location(s) Towns
Hostile No
Tradable Yes
Tamable No
Technical Info
Config common.entity.village.merchant

Trade items with Merchants. Merchants need to have empty inventory space to accept more goods. Merchants can only trade with one player at a time.

Use Shift + Left Click to place a single Item into the Trade Window. Drag and drop to place entire stacks of items into the Trade Window. Use Ctrl + Left Click to auto-balance with any items with anything from the Merchant's inventory, or those that you have placed in the Trade Window.


Item Quantity Rarity
Data exported on 2024-06-10

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