Icy Talharpa

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Veloren Icy Talharpa.png
Icy Talharpa
"Icy Talharpa."
Quality Legendary
Craftable Yes
Technical Information
.ogg Files icy_talharpa
.vox File icy_talharpa.vox
.ron File icy_talharpa.ron
Recipe [1]

"Icy Talharpa." Similar to the Lyre, but way cooler. The Icy Talharpa is one of the musical instruments.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station Revision  
Veloren Icy Talharpa.png Icy Talharpa 4x Veloren Glacial Crystal.png Glacial Crystal, 8x Veloren Icy Shard.png Icy Shard, 3x Veloren Silk.png Silk

Veloren Crafting Bench.png Crafting Bench
Veloren Craftsman Hammer.png Craftsman Hammer

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