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{{infobox weapon
{{Infobox weapon|image=SteelPickaxe.png|title=Steel Pickaxe|description=Strike the earth!|type=Tool (Two handed)|quality=Common|craftable=Yes|power=7.5|speed=1.3|poisestrength=2.5|critchance=0|critdamage=|vox=[[ ]]|ron=}}
'''Pickaxe''' is one of the beginning craftable items that allows the player to mine any ore available.
|title=Steel Pickaxe
The Stone variant ([[Pickaxe]]) is easier to craft, while having a slower mining speed.
Can also be used as weapon.
|description=Strike the earth!
{{Recipe|result=[[Image:SteelPickaxe.png|55px|link=]] [[Steel Pickaxe]]|ingredients=6x [[Image:Lifecloth.png|16px|link=]] [[Lifecloth]] </br>
6x [[Image:Steel Ingot.png|16px|link=]] [[Steel Ingot]]|stations=[[Image: Anvil.png|55px|link=]][[Anvil]]}}

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Veloren Steel Pickaxe.png
Steel Pickaxe
Strike the earth!
Quality Moderate
Rating 5.6
Power 0.75
Speed 1.3
Poise -75%
Crit 0
Range 0%
Energy 0%
Buff 0%
Technical Information
.vox File Unknown edit
.ron File Unknown edit
Item Path
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