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Veloren Linen.png
"A textile made from flax fibers."
Type Crafting Ingredient
Quality 0 Low
Craftable Yes
Technical Information
.vox File
.ron File
Sprite Manifest

Description[edit | edit source]

Linen is crafted from Wild Flax at a Spinning Wheel.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station
1x Wild Flax File:Spinning Wheel.png
Spinning Wheel

Usage[edit | edit source]

Result Ingredients Crafting Station
File:Red Linen.png
Red Linen
1x Linen.png Linen

1x Red Flower.png Red Flower

Mortar and Pestle.png
Mortar and Pestle
Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Sewing Set 1x Linen.png Linen

1x Tin Ingot

Veloren Crafting Bench.png
Crafting Bench
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