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Quality Levels[edit | edit source]

All Items have a Quality. Quality determines the rarity and usefulness of an item in Veloren. Currently, there are seven levels of quality in the game.

Level Description Metal Logs Textiles Hide
0 Low

Thick grey corners. Early-game ingredients, tools and weapons. Bronze Wood Log Linen Animal Hide
1 Common

Thin grey corners. Useful ingredients, food, tools, early-game weapons. Iron Bamboo Log Soft Wool Tough Hide
2 Moderate Green corners and background. Less common ingredients, high-tier food, mid-tier weapons, some better armor, rings and necklesses. Steel Hardwood Log Silk Scale
3 High

Blue corners and background. Rare ingredients, gems, good weapons and armor, fancy-looking gliders. Cobalt Ironwodd Log Lifecloth Hard Carapace
4 Epic

Purple corners and background. High-tier ingredients, weapons and armor. Bloodsteel Frostwood Log Moonweave Plate
5 Legendary

Golder corners and background. Late-game weapons and armor. Orichalcum Eldwood Log Sunsilk Dragonscale
6 Artifact

Shown with an orange border around the item. Artifact do not exist in the game currently.

Items only used by Admin for managing the server and its community.

Right now there are quite a few different types of items :

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Clicking on link will give you the location of Ingredients and how to process them.

Name Description
Raw Material : Collected in wilderness, caves, dungeons or by killing creatures
Veloren Long Tusk.png Animal Materials Used as Weapon's component to tweak its stats
Veloren Sticky Thread.png Animal part Raw Meats, Feathers, Fibers, Vines
Veloren Animal Hide.png Hides Used for crafting Leathers
Veloren Red Flower.png Flowers Used for Foods or diying ingredient
Veloren Wild Flax.png Plants Used for Textiles, Foods
Veloren Frostwood.jpg Logs Used in Bows, Staves and Spectres as Weapon's component
Veloren Copper Ore.png Ores Found in Caves

To mine ores, you need to Equip a Pickaxe as a weapon and collect Ores with E

Veloren Ruby.png Gems Found in Caves
Processed Materials : Raw materials transformed in crafting stations
Veloren Dwarven Cheese.png Foods Can heal you during your journey
Veloren Copper Ingot.png Ingots Used to craft Metallics Armors and Weapons
Veloren Thick Leather.png Leathers Used for Bags, Hide Armors
Veloren Silk.png Textiles Used to craft Cloth Armors, Bags

Equipments[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Veloren Sunsilk Armor Set.png Armor Sets List of Armors by Material Tiers.
Veloren Armor Category.png Armor List of Armors by body protection.
Veloren Bags Category.png Bags Equipment worn to enhance storage space
Veloren Food Category.png Foods Items consumed to heal
Veloren Glider Category.png Gliders Equipment carried to glide on the winds
Veloren Lantern Category.png Lanterns Equipment carried to illuminate your surroundings
Veloren Potions Category.png Potions Items imbibed to heal and buff
Veloren Tools Category.png Tools Items and equipment required to craft and adventure
Veloren Utility Category.png Utility Items used for niche applications
Veloren Weapons Category.png Weapons Equipment wielded to fend off foes
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