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All Items have a Quality

Right now there are quite a few different types of items.

Name Description
Veloren Armor Category.png Armor Equipment worn to protect and enhance your person
Veloren Bags Category.png Bags Equipment worn to enhance storage space
Veloren Food Category.png Food Items consumed to heal
Veloren Glider Category.png Gliders Equipment carried to glide on the winds
Veloren Ingredients Category.png Ingredients Items used to craft and forge
Veloren Lantern Category.png Lanterns Equipment carried to illuminate your surroundings
Veloren Materials Category.png Materials Items used to craft armor and weapons
Veloren Potions Category.png Potions Items imbibed to heal and buff
Veloren Tools Category.png Tools Items and equipment required to craft and adventure
Veloren Utility Category.png Utility Items used for niche applications
Veloren Weapons Category.png Weapons Equipment wielded to fend off foes
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