Iron Ingot

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Veloren Iron Ingot.png
Iron Ingot
"An incredibly commonplace metal."
Type Metal
Quality 1 Common
Craftable Yes
Technical Information
.vox File
.ron File
Sprite Manifest

Iron ingot is one of the many craftable Ingots available in Veloren.


Iron Ingots can be crafted by processing Iron Ores at a Forge. Alternatively, they can be found being sold by many merchants throughout the game's many Towns


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Veloren Iron Ingot.png 1x Iron Ingot 1x Veloren Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Veloren Forge.png
Veloren Iron Ingot.png 1x Iron Ingot 1x Placeholder.png Any Iron Item
File:Veloren Salvaging Bench.png
Salvaging Bench


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