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The #wiki channel on Discord is where we discuss most things.

You will need to Register to be able to start editing on the wiki.

How to Help

The best way to help out right now is filling out and creating new pages. I tend to click the search button and then the random page button and then fill that page in with what I can. The main things we want in are the infoboxes. Here is a page on how to fill in infoboxes.

Current Projects
Front Page Design The overall design of the wiki. The skin we are using is staying, designs for the frontpage, infoboxes, tables and pages.
Templates and Template Documentation More templates are needed to make the wiki easier to contribute to and documentation on all templates are needed to
The Great Infobox Addition Now that we have Visual Editor up and running, item and NPC pages can start to have their infobox added with relevent information.